AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Looking Inside Ourselves

When we have to look inside ourselves
We don’t need a full size mirror
If we did, we have to look away and run in fear
Reflections only show the outer layer
It doesn’t go to the core and show the real player
We are but long lost surveyors in a search
For the truth buried in the interior of your heart’s church
Kneeling at the pew of uncertainty
Where we see no hope of warranty
A chapel solid as stone
A fortress hiding the unknown
So if we look inside ourselves
And discover what the mirror cannot see
A revelation that will set us free
It cannot stare back like a reflection
It cannot adjust for correction
Sense the warm blood’s flow
The inner beauty is in your smiles’ glow
In the sparkle in your eyes that’s bound to show
Radiance everyone should know
Look inside
Don’t let the goodness hide
Take a hard look
Your inner sanctum is an open book

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