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Looking Into Eyes Horizon
GM Gio Masserati (December / Cali Girl)

Looking Into Eyes Horizon

Do you see beyond the dreams
Beyond the scope of a destiny
Multitudes of butterflies
Fly godspeed to kiss your eyes

Looking deep I've come to know
The most beautiful feathers
A Peacock's love would there grow

Lift up high and spread your wings
Sing to me songs irredescent future brings
Undeniably out of breaths

Hearts pure lit fire kindles warm
Talks of desire melts quest for One
Dimensional experience soon after begun
Crystalline energies floating in sun

Amazing! Amaze me!
You are my delicious loved
Today I'll venture with the trees
And repeat your songs to doves

Colored Amber leaves are falling
Winter's coming

Would love to make snow angels
With just me and you
To play for just a day

Like pure white turtle Doves

I stand lovingly
Looking into eyes horizon

Meet you in the sunset green


For this evening at the latest
Is where we'll soon again meet

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Comments (1)

Simply Enchanting! ! The visions, the poetic images you have created. Unbelievably different and alluring/ We are participating in a poetic fairyland of beauty and originality! I was not wrong when I said that you have a God sent talent. This poem is the most beautiful feathers a peacock's love could ever pen. Very seldom do I read poems I want to reread, except from the great masters. This one I shall read everyday to remind me that written beauty, exists.