Looking Through The Loop Hole

Twisting the common path see someone is trying
to target the central core to compel &
to diversify your usual destiny.
For internal, external or statutory audit
it’s undertaking the detail scrutiny.

Can u act as an obstacle for it?
Can u act as a complement for it?
Surely u can’t act like so, as his act is monopoly
It can modify your economy.
Fluctuating the demand & supply it’s going on
No one is there to stop him.
Stop him before changing the infrastructure of others.
As It’s trying to strengthen it’s anatomy.

Every living & non living will be perished
After a specified period to represent there net worth.
It is totally different neither perishable nor depreciable
That’s why it’s financial health showing a steady growth.

Sometime it’s acting like a broker.
Some time like a shareholder.
Sometime behaving like a trustee.
Sometime as a stranger.

It can act what ever may be the role.
It’s staying in the hearts pinhole.

Hey, , , , , , My Friends..........Can u tell me about whom I am talking?

Satyabrata Sahoo


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