TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Looking Up

Down at the bottom of a thousand mile drop
I peer up at you all through the darkness…
Like falling, we are powerless to stop
A Crowe among doves trying to appear righteous.

Painting over obsidian feathers with my brush.
With enough coats, perhaps I can hide me
Thoughts of then, now are voices hushed
So I may better concentrate on who I pretend to be.

The laughs, I can hear them inside my head
From people who will only ever see what is covered.
They remember the hushed words I have said.
This lily paint cannot fade out those words.

Yes. I have given up on her, that girl I’d once set free.
She had flown so gracefully in her freedom
But there is more to live for in this world than me
And out of that knowledge, came this someone…

And no one at the bottom of her pit will ever know
Not like you or them, what lies inside her.
Her smile will shine; she’ll glisten like the snow
That she misses, her sacrifices shrouded in glitter.

And she will appreciate and be happy through their eyes
Because it is them that she breaths for everyday.
But that piece hidden away will be visible to the wise
Glimpses of what her soul feels it may have paid.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Wow, that is a really good poem. It's brilliant...