Looking Up To The Sky At Night

Looking up to the sky at night,
Why are there no stars shining bright?
Many times I have looked up for any stars light,
Just to see total darkness and no stars that shine white.

Is this Gods way of telling us in heaven there is a fight?
Over something as simple as does might make right.
We just have to submit ourselves to God and hold on tight.
Because we humans are in a world with a hopeless plight.

By now you know I am quite right,
That sometimes there are no bright white lights at night.
Yes, some stars are a little red or yellow depending on their
energy, which is light.
From this you can tell I have good eye sight.

It`s not my intention to scare people into a fear or fright,
About this matter I have chosen to write.
No matter who we are, eventually we will go through a blight.
Even if you are King Arthur or a White Knight.

In this small town an angel could show the height of his flight.
Amazing you at night, going higher than a kite.
This world is just a play and West Salem is God`s chosen site.
Please pray that in Illinois every thing will be all right.

by Arthur Knackmus

Comments (20)

The poem is great and you are great in rhyming. God bless you! With warmest wishes, Larisa
beautiful poem... nicely set i like the united rithm of all the poem, hard to keep it but you managed to do it, thanks for sharing
I'm glad I read this. Your poem really made me think about life. && it was enjoyable to read. It really is an amazing poem.
I love all your poems. A lot of them are really truthful. I absolutely love them! ! keep writing.
Enjoyable and true a nice reed
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