((( Solitare Rose)))

A Solitary Rose 'tis growing...
In a Garden filled to the full with weeds...
With velvet soft petals of 'deep' red...
Today, that red Rose simply bleeds;

'Tis not the thorns of her stems...
Nor the lack of mother nurture nor care...
Its more the torments O' time...eons...
That bleeds out the Rose in despair;

For their 'tis n'er a good outcome...!
For people who practice to do deliberate wrong...! !
Only hope for the flowers that give joy to the Earth...!
For 'tis to this Earthly sod that they truly belong;

June 7,2010

The Essence

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Comments (20)

The poem is great and you are great in rhyming. God bless you! With warmest wishes, Larisa
beautiful poem... nicely set i like the united rithm of all the poem, hard to keep it but you managed to do it, thanks for sharing
I'm glad I read this. Your poem really made me think about life. && it was enjoyable to read. It really is an amazing poem.
I love all your poems. A lot of them are really truthful. I absolutely love them! ! keep writing.
Enjoyable and true a nice reed
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