AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)


Too much emphasis, is placed on the
way a person looks, if they're a little to
heavy, or too thin, there's a lot to be
said. People don't realize, it's only
superficial, they should look what's
inside them, instead! We all can't be
born a raving beauty, be handsome,
or have a body, to die for. If we're
blessed with other qualities, then who
really, needs more? It's nice when you
can have an intelligent conversation, be
treated with kindness and respect. These,
are far more important, to get along in
this world and It doesn't make a difference,
be it a guy, or a girl! After awhile, looks
have a tendency to fade, but being a
decent person, that, always, makes the

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I fully agree with u. If time permits please read my poem BEAUTY. Thanks for sharing this piece...........a nice one.