Lord 101

Officially I'm dead said one man to another
with crimes so rediculous they failed to discover
I spew lies through my ears, truly a bother
in the criminal world there simply is no other
that you can compare to me, I'm ruthless you see

I've got three holes in my chest and one in my arse
the tinkering involved was a absolute farce
they chained me and strapped me, bathed me in shit
but for the crimes I committed I could never admit
So they let me be free and to this day I remain
a menace to society without shame or refrain

Loved by some but a danger to all
I move house by the season, cloaked in black shawl
But now I grow tired, thirsty and bored
it is only my freedom that I am assured
and although the sins I've committed cannot be ignored
my sanctuary is conscience and my home is abroad.

And now I bid you farewell, sweet man full of theory
I will continue my work until I am blue in the face
because that is my passion
and the embassy my base
fairness, equality, shame and disgrace

by Tom j. Parker

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