MRO ( / East Islip, New York)

Lord, Get Me Through

Through days' endless toil and long, lonely nights, Lord, get me through,
Through racking pain in body and confusion of mind, Sweet Lord, get me through,
Through lost dreams and futile plans,
Through hostile waters, navigators, pilots and crew,
From unfriendly folk that come into my life, Lord, get me through! Through countless hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes and storms,
Lord, let 'em experience you as you get me through.
When life becomes an obstacle course,
And all my efforts and dreams seem lost, Sweet Shepherd, get me through! Through all that comes my way, no matter what circumstances seem to say,
Turn to God night or day and whisper in His ear, "Lord, get me through!"
And, indeed, be sure - this He will do! So, my friend, listen to His awesome voice,
And only, to Him, have recourse,
Nothing is in vain when your heart rides that heavenly train,
In each and every circumstance, He'll stand by you and,
His endless love will get you through!

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