Lord Hear Me

When I prayed it didn't move mountains, I want to open the gates of heaven with my spirits voice
Nor did it echo in your ears or touch your sight.

When I prayed it didn't move the earth
I wanted my prayer to sing like sweet music to your ears
Nor did it sing like angels with harps.

Maybe I was mumbling my prayers, that's why it didn't touch your ears
I want your spirit to touch the vibrations of my spirit.

Maybe my soul was not awake and my spirit fell asleep
I want to see tears when I pray not for my presence to fade away.

When I pray I want the windows to fly open and the wind to stay still
I want my mind to feel peace and my thoughts to be quiet.

When I pray I want the enemies to tremble and flee
I want them to feel the pain their where to put on me.

I pray to see myself washed and be clean and see my sins fall in the cracks in the ground
Nor did I see purity in my eyes or hear you say 'I forgive you' in my ears.

I pray to see food full the hungry and the poor to live in luxury
Nor did I see your hand touch their land or any visions inspiring their dreams
I pray to see the evil punished and the good rewarded
Nor did I see a good heart in a bad soul or changed without reason.

I loved to see miracles fall from the sky
And see love surround the lives of others
Nor did I see everyone hold hands and sing hallelujah.

I loved to see angels holding rainbows in my room
My life changed for the better and the door opened to change.

I don't want to live on a shaky foundation and feel my legs shake with weakness
Nor did I want to see my spirits shadow fade with sickness
Or see my life flash before my eyes in vain.

I pray to see every bullet stopped and every soul saved
I want to build the house for the poor and give them much more, welcoming everyone with open arms
Hoping you will do the same for me.

I'll do your works, say your words and do your will
I'll help them in kindness because my pockets are empty
I'll help them in experience because I feel their pain
I'll help them know your name with my testimonies because nothings impossible without you.

Lord, you know the true character of my spirit, but you see the false personality of my soul reacting to the pressures of my body.
I pray for you to listen, not for my prayers to be wasted
Tell me what to do? What do I need to say?
I need your help Lord, I can't help change the world if you don't help me
I live to help others.

by Rachel Aurelien

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