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Lord Jesus Christ Is There For Us......
RS Ravi Sathasivam ( / )

Lord Jesus Christ Is There For Us......

Lord Jesus is truly the great Son of God
He was born into this world to protect us
He is our Lord, Saviour and King of Kings
Our belief in Him brings peace to our mind
When we have a faith, we will learn His wisdom
When we have trust, our soul will be full of glory
When we believe in Him, we are truly blessed
When we pray to Him, we are at His mercy
When we seek shelter under His wings, we are safe
When we are in trouble, He will be there to help us
Always remember, life without purpose is barren indeed
There cannot be a harvest unless you plant a seed.
So, Jesus is always there for us and
He will protect us each time we go to Him
Let us therefore pray to the truly Son of God
who died for everyone of us.

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