BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Lord Let Me Sing Unto Thee A New Song'

Some of us had a bad year but we survived it
Some of our blessings went un-noticed
So many times we felt the urge
To accept defeat and quit

Now the new millennium approaches
And we can clearly see
What abundant mercies the Lord
Hath given and how loving he must be

So many failures we have made
This passing year
Yet he reaches out to hug and pull
Us ever so near

He has loved us in spite of our faults and sin
For those who choose to serve him
His mercy is efficient to forgive
Their sins again and again

As the holidays come when we set aside
Special time for loved ones and family too
Even though rushed and busy
There is much in this lovely season
For Christ we must also do

We can take time to pray before meals
Tell the story of Jesus’ birth
Tell the true meaning of Christmas to all
Tell the world that upon him they too may call

Sing unto the Lord a new and joyous song
Tell the world boldly it is his side that
You are on
©Copyright Becky LaPrarie 2004

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