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Lord Munnie-Potts Stately Home

Lord Munnie-Potts Stately Home


In the ancient old village of Twatt
Stood an impressive stately pile
The owner was Lord Munnie-Potts
Who lived there in very nice style

He was quite a senile old fool
And his servants hated his ways
He invented a lot of daft rules
Which those lackies had to obey

There were catflaps in all of the doors
Which the servants all had to use
They had to crawl on all fours
To bring him his meals and his booze

The servants got fed up with this
And all got together one day
They thought they’d take the p*ss
And sell his home on e-Bay

Lord Munnie-Potts lovely old pile
Was sold to a fellow called Toss
He turned out to be even more vile
Than their previous employer was

Mr. Toss bought the house off e-Bay
For around twenty million pounds
Made changes that very same day
He started by pulling it down

He put up a house made of dung
With solar panels up on the top
All eco-friendly and so easy to run
And the servants? -They all got the chop!

Those lackies plans had back-fired
They’re all on the dole queue in Twatt
Their tenancy agreements expired
Now they’re living in stables and squats

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