Lord Of My Dreams

When I sleep
you send me dreams
dressed in love
you appear now
and sit upon
my silver tresses
and slyly caress
my silky bosom
and look into
my heart
with a magnifying lens
enlarging everything
as I close
my eye-keys
you steal and
shut out my looks
to outside world;

in my slumber
you treat me a baby
and make me wish
that I am your loveliest dish
like a stream
you glide into
and I helpless
enjoy the show
that I do miss
the nights you are amiss
yet, how the stage is set
and you crown me inset..
I wonder,
how you appear in my dreams
and fake me with fancies
you desire,
and smell my heart
inching every second
a little bit
day by day
melting my obstinacies
and painting my inner urges
into a larger canvas
and magnifying my
unseen passions
highlighting the
shy delicacies.

by lalitha iyer

Comments (1)

nice diction and flow image painted in fine craft tone and mood patterned all through softness 10/10