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Lord, Take Me Home
SF (April 22 / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Lord, Take Me Home

As I wander the streets on this dark and lonely night
I come across a cottage but there is no one in sight.
Everyone is gone like they have disappeared from this earth
No record of their death-but there’s one of their birth.
The bible lays open so everyone can see—but no
One is left here, just memories and me.
Where is everyone? Looks like they were just here
The stove is left on and I shudder with fear.
Suddenly, fire shoots from the sky, the cottage
Bursts into flames. Memories lie shattered, My
Heart’s filled with shame.
The bible’s on the table, not one page is burned.
Through the ashes and smoke, I can see the page turned.
The Good Book tells all, the truth is revealed
God’s taken His people, has my fate been sealed.
Why would God leave me here all alone?
Oh God, forgive me, please take me home.
God answers, “My son, I’m here at your side
spreading my love everywhere, together, you and I.
Soon Heaven door will open and I’ll bring you home
Reunited with your loved ones, you’ll never again be alone.

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