Fallen Angle

From my universe looking out,
not seeing much to talk about,
watching from the wrong direction,
once again, inwardly I shout,
alter pains come and go,
spiraling with one wing gone,
just another fallen angle,
to hit the ground.

by Walter C. Edwards

Comments (11)

Learned this poem at primary school in Glasgow seventy years ago and never forgot it. Love poetry
memorized this in 1960 cathedral john cannon school for boys, class 5a Bombay Indiia. What a story
Mind blowing poem with fantastic sweep of imagery and most touching sentiments of the father lamenting over his daughters being washed away by waves in stormy night while eloping with her lover.
I learnt this poem by heart to recite on my primary school stage at one end of term event.. Unfortunately the audience included very noisy young children so no one could hear me. I was so disappointed that I cried my heart out afterwards. I was 9 years old at the time - and have never forgotten the humiliation!
Poignant; very poignant.breathtaking sweep of imagery. Brilliant.
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