Let me speak of Lorelei,
Soft green fields, and clear blue sky.

Let me tell my tale of woe
And of love made long ago.

And of that which came to be,
Blessed dreams of her and me.

When taken by her velvet charm,
Her flashing eyes and gentle arm.

We frolicked then and came to spoon.
Sweet Lorelei, and I, in June.

And with our maiden love in tow
We cherished love's made afterglow.

Soon, then it came, as comes what may.
The end of this, or so they say.

When Lorelei, in our green field
Made love again, so life revealed.

And what is more, I was not there
When Lorelei made love so fair.

When told of this, as I first learned;
I wondered why our love was spurned.

So came the day with Lorelei.
My oh sweet love, I asked her why.

But what in truth might lovers say
When clear blue skies, turn dark and grey?

Then Lorelei, with watered eyes
So bravely stood and told no lies.

And she replied as few could do,
Still torn between the loves she knew.

For hurting me, she understood
My hate for her, and said I should.

Twas thus it came, as some loves do.
This bittered end to love brand new.

But as it is, or so it seems,
I love her still in blessed dreams.

And nevermore to question why,
For none loved me as Lorelei.


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