NRC (April 8,1983 / Vallejo, California.)

Los Californios

of names
Jose, Maria, Salvador
over and over again
Their voices are gone
So are the sounds
of their footsteps
Los Californios,
Six generations
Of watching the same
place change
From of missions and padres
to a land of Cattle rachos
and Vaqueros
To a land they
learned to call America.
and to a place named California
Their blood
is my blood
passing over
and over again
like a fast flowing river
carrying with it stories of
sadness, joy,
desperation, ellation
Generations come one
after another
appearing like spring
and crumbling like old adobe
Thier emotions are
thread through me
Thier stories
have delivered
me into this world
And now thier names
in records
like a faint
watermark left
on the histoical parchment
Some of them
are famous
some of them
are infamous
and some of them forgotton
Thier songs
are gone
so are thier
words of love
thier language
and thier prayers.
They are my fathers
and mothers.
all who have
come before me

by Nicoletta Rose Carlone

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