Losian Of Hetha

‘Twas early morn, aerdaeg yet na be cast.
Whence pulling me self aside the listing ship;
a mid-ship boarding behind the mizenmast.
Simple task perchance; cutlass at me hip.
Pillage the captains’ cabin ‘twas me task.
A silken gown ‘peared from a chest of oak;
‘tis I who should adorn this lovely mask.
Booty gathered; concealed beneath me cloak.
Yea, I took me leave with stealth adeptness.
Aboard me dingy; a narrow escape.
With jewels and gold and all the prettiness.
Taking me leave; booty beneath me cape.
Yea, the captain rose and came to the rail.
Nay, I shan’t be a wielen in his jail.

by Amera Andersen

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