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Deeds Always Affect (Octave)

Deeds Always Affect (Octave)
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The earth is a vast garden
In it humans are children,
Some are playing well game
But most are committing wrong,
So they are not same in acts
They are different for deeds,
So, as their positions vary here
After this period shall vary there.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │14 April,2018

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This is such a touching poem. I know how hard it is to lose your father. I lost mine back in 2004 while my husband was deployed to Iraq. I looked up this poem actually for my good friend who's dad just passed yesterday. Which now her husband along with mine are both deployed again to Iraq. I think this will help her and I think its really such a great and well written poem. You have really put great feelings into words. May God Bless you honey in your time of need and may he give you the peace that you need also. God Bless you Mary
thankyou i will use this at my dad funeral soo touching
Awwww, this poem made me cry because I can relate to it. Not my dad but my grandad. It is a hard time but we do have the rest of our family to help us through it. You can get through this Mary! ! All the best. Great poem! Love Becky