Losing Faith

Did I not pray enough
did I not believe
every Sunday I went to church
I beg then, Why did you leave
I'm here alone
in this bitter silence
being cut by razor sharp memories
that are on replay
I feel I'm alone
you've left me where I stand
only to turn around
and see just my footprints in the sand
This was my dream
and you let it leave
these are my tears that do not dry
I'd commit suicide
but I don't prefer to see you when I die
I'm hurt and I'm bruised
on the verge of myself
there better be a heaven
and not some cruel joke
for every waking minute
I'm spending in hell
can you hear me
I'm screaming at you
and just like you, my voice is leaving me
tell me if you would
just what I've done wrong
to make you hate me so
do you hate me
why did you let me go

by Matt Mondschein

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Hate him back...it works for me...