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Losing Faith Now
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

Losing Faith Now

Please do you hear me screaming out?
My heart beats so loud I am sure you can
I am always getting this love thing so wrong
When I think I am getting it right the bell has rang
My soul is lonely and all the time, time is going slowly.
Do I have to wait for the next life to get this right?
Hear me oh god hear me now, please hear me
You’re out there somewhere but who and where?
My soul is lonely and people say stop looking for him.
He will come when your not but please it’s not a sin
To want what friends and family have a love of their own?
People are moving on before me but here I am standing still
This upward battle and always climbing up that lonely hill
Don’t put your trust in walls because when they fall
You will feel it once more the sadness you felt before.

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