Losing Herself

Poem By Terry Biscamp

She sits there at the table,
And pours another drink.
Stares out the kitchen window,
As she begins to think..

What has happened to her life?
When did she fall behind?
Where did she lose herself...
Why does she feel so confined?

Why must there be a struggle,
To leave the bed each day?
And what about the fact,
Her dreams are all blown away?

Who is this person in the mirror,
That stares back without pause?
She raises her finger
To trace each facial line.

Each line holds one sad story,
Of broken hearts and dreams.
Of fading memories...
Of who she used to be.

Raising the glass to her lips,
She tastes her salty tears.
She feels burnt out and torn to shreds,
Much older than her years.

She longs so much to be happy,
Just like she used to be.
What has broken her spirit, cruelly
Why won't it set her free?

She wants to be in charge of life,
Instead of being told.
When will she be strong once again,
With hope the noble word?

She walks across the room
And hides her bottle back away.
This is her problem, hers alone,
She knows what her family would say.

She dries her tears, replaces her smile,
As she hears them all come in.
She hides her real self away,
It's time again to pretend.

Why bring worry or sadness,
To those she loves so much?
She'd rather keep it to herself,
Than them to feel heartache's touch.

So, slowly now...her days go by
With no one knowing what she hides.
It is a lonely little world...
Where all her dreams have died.

Comments about Losing Herself

Terry, I find this poem gripping. Seems very familiar, growing up in the home I did. It also reminds me of my poem 'Inside She's Dying'.........(it's about myself) it's very similar (minus the alcohol) . It's hard to burden our families isn't it? Great poem. Sincerely, Mary
I would like to thank Hebert Nehrlich for his help in some changes made to this write. I appreciate your time and interest, Hebert..and your honesty...it's fellow poets as this that helps us to improve...Thank you.
At the risk of offending you, I could suggest a few nips and tugs to make this even better. Game? Best wishes Herbert

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