JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

Losing Love-Losing Control

Thoughts run through me,
These I scarcely can believe.
Just pouring out my heart,
In my sorrow, I must grieve.

Shadows of darkness overwhelming my soul
Hearts shattering In so many pieces
Contempt and animosity takes over; losing control
When the gift of love so suddenly ceases

Like rivers overflowing, such uncontollable tears.
Searching for heart's felt beauty, as in these last few years.
Remembering the day, when our eyes first met.
Such magical feelings, engraved in stone were set.

Hearts, pounding like the rumble of thunder,
Waves of lightning running right through us
Anticipating so fully, a lifetime of beauty
Feelings of magical love, ever so boundless

Can not true love, Continue to prevail,
Giving all of one's being, how can this fail?
Time and distance, can be ever so cruel,
What was I thinking, how could I be such a fool.

So In my sorrow, life must go on,
Each day I will strive.
Seeking the little miracles of time
To find happiness in my quest to survive.


(March 6 2007)

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James your words have such a natural flow...........don't ever stop writing...let your heart speak for you!