For Sure

For sure,
It is wonderful,
To get what is desired…
For sure,
It brings the happiness,
To feel like the blessed one,
But not sure…
If not getting what is desired is really so bad,
The passionate this innocent heart,
Too childish are his desires…
Doesn’t understand despite the bashes…
Doesn’t give up despite the betrayal,
Doesn’t stop beating, just for the hopeless hopes.

What drives it,
To be so stubbornly mild?
What makes it too gullible yet strong?
To be patient with the downs..
To be always looking for something so unattainable?

Someday, a day comes…
When the sun is as bright as ever
World is as brutal as ever
And the smiles are stil around,
It is when reconciliation happens
And we begin learn to smile,
World won’t change,
But you…for sure

by drishti magoo

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