Losing My Way

Blue skies gave way to hues of gold
As I surveyed the forest deep
Well beyond my intended stroll

Ahead I heard the river's sound
And knowing I had lost my way
Well past the time to turn around

The fears of life my mind restrained
No hurry yet, to leave such peace
For life's direction to regain

From Nature's bounty peace borrowed
Along the path hardships strewn
New hope, new strength, for tomorrow

Above the trees a dim half-moon
I lost desire to get home soon.

by Chris Embrick

Comments (8)

When the way is beautiful and mesmerising, it's better to forget the destination, the journey to the infinite beauty of nature is enough for a lover of nature. A nice poem, loved it.
Lovely lines loaded with inspiration! Well done!
This is such a lovely, inspirational write that draws from natures natural beauty and restorative healing powers...we should all find the time to take a walk that allows us to willingly lose our way for a while...great write..I am on holiday at the moment so taking the opportunity to catch up on many lovely works not yet read! 10 +++. Lodigiana xx
Excellent nature write. Each stanza stands out. Compelling imagery. Loved reading this wonderful piece of work.10++++
Having survey in forest with much interest is definitely an amazing act. But hurry mind still perceives fear in tranquility of forest. But there is no need to fear. With hope from Nature's bounty peace borrowed. This recovers mind from depression and allows to grow towards love and joy. An amazing poem is excellently penned...10
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