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Losing Sight
ST ( / Scarborough, Ontario Canada)

Losing Sight

Poem By Sara Turner

I walked right past you,
After loving you so long,
I was looking the wrong direction
And when I looked back you were gone,

I lost the only reason,
I could find to remain true
Losing sight of how much we loved each other
And for that I lost sight of you

Dreaming of fame and fortune,
I grabbed the perverbial ring
To replace all I thought was missing
That normality couldn't bring

I chased after the beam of sunlight
That I knew from years gone by,
And I thought I could forget you,
Never knowing it was lie,

That star is chased by thousands
And its light begins to fade
With the coming of the morning sun
It so cold here in the shade,

I found my ray of sunshine in you
And like a fool I ran away
Afraid to be complacent
In your warmth I didn't stay

Now I can not find you,
You hide somewhere unknown
You are lost to me forever,
Gone forever, leaving me alone.

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