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Losing Someone That Means So Much
QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

Losing Someone That Means So Much

Poem By Queen Taz

How can you let go of someone you loved so much?
Waking up feeing for their touch-
Knowing in your heart they mean so much

How can you dismiss what you consider a lifetime of love;
but at times feels like lust.giving up your heart confiding in the word trust!

Labeled with pet names like bae, sweetie, sweetheart-
but losing that person, that thought constittue as an empty skeleton with no heart no flesh living miserable wondering whats going to happen next.

People selling love like writing checks-
Losing value like a bounced checked; compared to a person pocket full of lint
losing that love one you will live regret.

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i dont know if there is an easier way of letting go..maybe there is..but no matter how easy it is the pain will be equally intense...