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Losing The Love Battle

I keep telling myself it's not love
it's just a simple crush
it's just simply lust
I've been holding these
feelings inside to long
and I know I'm not letting
them out anytime soon.
Or maybe I just wont let
them out at all
Do you know what
holding your feelings inside can do?
It can drive you mad! !
Which is what I'll be soon.
Just glancing at your pictures
knowing I can't have you
makes my heart swell with pain.
Imagine how I feel when
you're actually around
Just imagine that feeling you get
when the whole world crashes down...

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Ah, the crush. Love, blown up like a balloon, tied off, to be managed in a room of sewing needles. I really liked this one. -Tailor B.
well i definatley know how that feels but i have to practically live with this one because hes a close family friend its just drives me insane -broomhead-