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Losing You
LF (12-10-1963 / Cincinnati, Ohio)

Losing You

Waking up this morning
The truth set us free
I ignored every warning
That you don't love me.

Love is that feeling
It makes you feel light
Love has no ceiling
It makes you take flight.

With love you should know
That he always is there
When life takes a toll
He gives you his care.

There should be no doubt
That his love is for real
It is hard to find out
That you've broken the seal

We have come to the place
Of little return
It is time for you to face
That you have taken a turn.

Turned round hates corner
And took the turn hard
Now I'm loves mourner
And you dealt the card.

I have loved and loved
You took me for granted
My heart has been shoved
Where my love should be planted.

Finally I say to you this
I loved only you
You could have had bliss
Not just someone to do.

You blew it for us
With your arrogant way
Friends are a plus
But can they buck all day?

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I giess it's an old question for each to answer - can you 'lose' love so freely given? Or does it sorta go into condensed powder form, to be released all fresh and airtight later?