I'm thinking of my husband a lot this morning. I remember after he passed, a friend told me. Don't worry Melvina, you'll get over this sadness of grieving in a year. Well I'm here to tell you it's ten years later and believe it, it's not something you 'get over'.

You learn to live with the loss, you sit and enjoy past memories, certain situations remind you of those who passed on. Sometimes we might get angry and ask many questions out loud. Still there are times, when you see a person walking quickly down the street who resembles them and you follow for a bit and then stop and turn around.
Every now and then, his image comes to me through others and a lump forms in my throat wondering how can this be. I wonder is this his spirit standing there looking at me. No we never get over the loss of someone we loved so true, we learn to cope, yes that's exactly what we do.

by Melvina Germain

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(Loss by Melvina Germain.) **A very somber poem; I’m sorry for your loss.