It was the loss of my motivation
As he took my hand
I had nothing left to work for
Nothing left for which to stand
I cried out to face the heavens
And the secrets kept within
But my fate was sealed in stone
And covered by my sin
It was the loss of innocence
When he walked away
The memory of what we did
Could never fade away
The trivial things we used to do
Never would stand out
But here in the dark, I need his heart
Or my soul will fill with doubt
It was once in the back
That he stabbed me
It was twice in this hell
Where he left me
Three times did I cry
And four that I died
But still he never came to me

by Newo Enec

Comments (2)

I know the pangs of love, the pain of heartache, this poem speaks volumes in my spirit.
Well that was just amazing. Very deep and loving. If i wroe poems like that maybe i'd get a date once and awhile. Adryan