Such an amazing thing!
I think, to feel this pain.
That Numbness might indeed be feeling.
Feeling is numbness screaming,
as you lie in a desert dying and realise
the oasis of life is crumbling
to blood red sand before your eyes.
The agony strips you and beats you.
Death from within, blood never seen.
It drips from your eyes like crystals.
You heave it out, stone after stone.
Shedding and shredding each piece of you.
Dead but alive!
Gone, but not bone.
Yearning and pleading for memories ending.
Life is the enemy, death so befriending.
A lover, it strokes and gives passionate climax.
Sufficient to say, you live with numb turmoil!
A dying memorial to living in torment.
Just a dead end!

by Susan Casey

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