Unattainable perfection
Highlighted flaws projected through a reflection
Glanced at through lowered eyes made heavy
With unanswered cries
Pleading for attention
Seeking redemption
Emotions seep through thin skin
Tightening the jaw making visible the tension
Which has taken residence within her
A body that betrayed her
Attention sought
Found in him
With their greeting
She loss the labels pure and innocent
Bestowing on him a gift she had yet to understand
In his wake she felt tainted used and self-hatred
Painfully aware of the absence of something that could never return
Failed attempts at ignoring the hurt
Carrying the mistakes of the past over every ledge
Onto every doorstep they crept
Regretting the moment allowing him to own it
Hating what can never be undone
A memory only and always
Provoking fantasies of different outcomes
But As the days go by fresh wounds fade to scarred flesh
Leaving only remnants of what occurred
Etched forever in the skin
A subtle mark the final reminder of her sin

by Amanda Grimes

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Comments (4)

great poem on a difficult subject. good job
A brave write, Amanda, and an inspiring one. God bless.
Amanda, excellent write on a difficult subject matter, ... a wonderful redemption at the end. Well done! !
Make sure you don't reject yourself! ! Everyday, you're a virgin and innocent if you want to be! ! Everything belongs to you! !