KH (October 11,1988 / West Allis, Wisconsin)


Pain so deep I can't express,
The hurt inside me calling,
Telling me to give away,
And not to keep them falling.
Free them from the tragedies
I cause with just my being.
To dropp away from this charade,
That blinds to what they're seeing.
The tears well up inside me
As I know the truth in this,
Yet, loneliness inside me
Is not easy to dismiss.
I hurt them with my presense,
So I now must let then go,
I love them more than anything,
I hope that this they know...

'You don't know true loss until you have to give up everyone, just to save them... from yourself...'

by Kim Hooten

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This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful poems I have read. It's so true and direct that it fits my current situation very well. This poem helped me let go and save others from myself. thnx