Loss Of A Loved One

The end has come and the pain begins
their life is gone
but their memories remain
sadness becomes my friend
the one I long for throughout the night
Sitting and falling
deep into my soul
their spirit calling
the hole I dig
serves its purpose
for what was done is done
what they did to waht they've done
becomes nothing
like an empty space
plenty of room
but yet still full
a place where their thoughts let go
Emotions combined
together as one
soaring through the chilling air
as light as a feather
their heart unfolds
pouring into my dark empty soul
become reality
a thought is a comfort
releasing pain's grasp
as my mind clears like a cloudless sky
The pain diminished
the sadness gonemy emotions rest
but one alone
with sounds of joy
for their journey is done.

by Andrew Degen

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