VK (08/07/1987 / Mumbai, India)

Loss Of Hope

As I stand on my two feet, staring at the horizon,
Which has on end.
I think about my life,
And ways to mend.

My tongue is tired after repeating a hundred sorry,
The yellow light seems treacherous to me, not even this day turned out to be a day of recovery.
My mind reasons the unknown reasons of my wrong doer; it makes me feel scary,
My head is like a corrupt sea, it’s got a thousand things in it, it won’t dissolve, and it does not stir, it tells a pessimists story.

The darkness didn’t show me light, while the brightness blinded me,
My heart seeking answers, I don’t even know if it loves me.
My body destroyed of a thousand cigarettes, got used to it just like beach to water of sea.

I feel the sand pulled from my feet by the roaring sea, I pray to God for Him to save,
I feel sucked into the mouth of sea, my shadow being washed by the waves,
But for even He watches, my self-destruction, to the nature He caves.

by Vishal Kadrekar

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