Loss Of Innocence

Wake again what a beautiful day
Start with a smile and a song
Such a crazy little game we play
Life. Seems to be forever long

The world is right in front of you
Only your eyes are tightly shut
With a stare you make it through
Never asking how, why, or what

You have found a heart to love
So early, what did you do right?
It's true it fits just like a glove
Staying next to you each night

The phrase spoken with a smile
Promises made with empty words
The heart inside burns like fire
Through your lips a whispered curse

They said it would last forever
If you find it don't ever let it go
So I beg please please whenever
You change your mind let me know

Starring through holes in the mirror
Life has become a pointless dance
A party for which you are the server
And happiness passes with but a glance

You hold songs that seem to care
For truly they are the only ones
Through the darkness you stare
Begging to simply come undone

Broken on the floor doubled over
How could this be our existence
Now it is so hard to stay sober
Spawned by your loss of innocence

by Michael Alfonso

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