Loss Of Life

Watching the dismal streets,
the rain splasing down,
Drip dropp Drip drop
The loss of life.

Watching friends play footie
The silence of the body in
which life would have left for another.
The silent solace.

Watching, the eyes red
tears extending their arms
down the eyes slowly.
The joy lost in despair.

Madness for life in turn
To bring it to a halt and
sort out the puzzled brain.
To clear the though of loss.

Life a motion of words and
phrases, not a meaning
to anything, no shock to big.
For loss of life is something. Strong.

The engine whirrs everyday
as time becoms a devil haunting
hoping the time is to pass
and disappear.

The loss of life
Haunting the memories.
Sadness disappears to sheer

Emotions withheld within the realms
of the mind and no emotions shown.
Except the blank expression of time
and blankness.

The loss of life changing
futures of everyone.
Delight long gone.
For a Loss of Life can be moving.
Or Even constricting only to squeeze
all life from the veins held in the body.
The loss of life...

by Viraj Bhanshaly

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I liked this poem because it was deep and so good job Viraj: }