Cricket World Cup

It is the greatest thrilling event
of our country,
The whole world may not take it seriously
But we take it,
All the activities come to standstill
Office, schools, business centres
Wear deserted look
People go crazy,
They forget everything in the storm of the event
Money flows like water and people are
Oblivious of the fact that three fourth of
Our population is still deprived of
The basic requirements of their life.
I can't understand why these people don't show
The same madness for the eradication of Poverty, corruption, illeteracy, and communalism,
They make so much hue and cry,
Their faces down cast,
when India suffers a defeat.
These elements also cause the country a massive defeat
But their same tongues turn mum
And they take everything as it is
This is not the sign of patriotism,
This is the sign of selfishness.
It shows that we are politically and socially immature,
If we can't show show our wrath at poverty, corruption, communalism and
We are the most selfish men on the earth.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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Hi Patrick, I liked this poem, I read it several times, I thought it was great. Very creative and I think you put a lot of thought into this. Take care Patrick. Excellent poem.