Poem By Qaisar Janjua

When the darkness falls,
When the silence prevails,
When the air freezes,
when the stir stops,
When the cricket chirps,
when the life sleeps,
when the bed warms,
when the limbs broken,
When the nerves ache,
When the sense fails,
When the eyelids droop,
When the eyeballs squeeze,
when the eyes close,

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I Am Alive

I feel no joy, no sorrow,
I am feeling empty, I am feeling hollow,
Some vampire sucks my life ether from inside,
Her fangs are pierced into my soul's neck,

My Room

Table mute, clock still, books silent,
Pitiable is the loneliness of my room,
My room, from years, is counting
Every throb of my heart stealthily,


The light begins to diminish,
When you are not around,

The oxygen begins to immerse in air,


When your beloved is infuriated,
Don’t lose temper, or become melancholic,
Hold her hand and let her wail,
Devour her angry shouts with as greedy ears


It is very foggy out there,
Like life nothing is clear,
Park's lights are far away,
Looking pale and distant,