Lost! ! !

Makin myself comfortable
Was standing in mall
Suddenly found a friend
Was standing near wall
Asked him how you ve been
Said not good at all
When asked the reason
He started tearing and fall
Resenting about the questioning
Sudden sorrow started making crawl
After a moment he whispered
Was with my family at this very mall
Were enjoying and having fun
With no worries at all
I happened to wait for my friends
I said good bye to all
With no notions in my mind
These vandals would strike
I was about to face pitfall
Thrashed the news of blasts
Crowd gathered in the hall
Noise filled with fear and shiver
They were praying well for all
Somehow managed to reach the spot
Saw mirror of my life
Getting crunched into spawls
Was only one left in family
With no members at all
Wondering how things went after
I offered him helping shawl
Angering over the terror incline
He begged me to resurrect them all
Pondering over what should I say
He interrupted and said
I feel like redemption but…..
To forgive is my family’s drawl
Running my life in this dilemma
I have no choices at all
Only solution left with me is
To Become tough and start Walking tall…………………….

by Abhishek Deshpande

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