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MB (February 4,1989 / )


Poem By Moon beam

With out you i feel so lost
lost with out your arms around me
lost with out your loving voice telling me everything will be alright
with out you I dont think they will be
they never will be again
ive lost you
the only one i truely loved
the only one i truely trusted
i feel so lost with out you
i have nothing to want
all i need is you
i long for your touch
a warm
touch that makes all my problems melt away
ive always said that if i lost you i'd die
i feel so close
holding on by a thread
i dont know why it hasnt broken yet
maybe its because there is a little glimmer of hope
like the candle in the window that you can just barely see from the street
the hope the one day you will find me again
and ill find myself back in your loving arms
where i belong
where i was ment to be
and one day again you will love me
and things will be right
and i
will no longer by

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This is beautiful, well done.