Running in circles
going nowhere
wishing someone would pull me from the nightmare
hoping somewhere there is something to stop me from this force
that drives me to keep going
even when i ask to stop
all i get is a screaming silence
wishing someone would join me
for the world is calling
but i keep on running
running in circles
not knowing where I'm going
trying not to be so worried
for the break of dawn is coming
but nobody seems to help me stop
running in circles
I wish that someone was here to help me
because running seems so never ending
and my legs are getting tired
my hearts beating and arms on fire
getting tired wish I could stop
but not until I know why I'm
running in circles
so here i am still running
waiting for someone to stop me
tell me how much they love me
so we can stop this running
and be united for now
and be able to start a path
a path to something

by Selwot Rylet

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