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GVL (March 29,1963 / Boston, Mass)


What difference does it make now to try and be brave
every day for no one but God, who doesn't care and has lost track of my soul
Even the Prophet can not move me to some deeper meaning anymore
I'm black and blue on the inside this time and no one can save me
from myself
I cry my silent tears for no one now
Because No One is the only love I have
Cold hearted lover of mine
metering out affection like a drug
Taking from my soul, one bite at a time
I kill you every night and every misty morning you return stronger
My weakness is a deep desire
to saturate myself in contridiction
to live in the dark embrace of my longing
One day I will transcend, I know
I will trade in these worn out desires
for wings

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Comments (2)

Some powerful writing here. I esp like your last line and the 'I kill you every night' line...
A very heartfelt and meaningful poem, I've been in that place of emptiness quite a long time myself.