Poem By Sara Amidon

I'm LOST here,

i don't know where i am.

i'm LOST. and scared

people don't know me here.

the true me. the pain i'm in every day.

i'm LOST in confusion.

my mind is turned upside down.

'please help! ' i scream...


i fear for the worst.


i'm LOST in them.

the pressures and the pain of being.



the thoughts i know are sinful.


yet i act upon them.

i'm LOST in them.

the addiction...

to persue.

to change.

becasue i'm LOST...


Comments about Lost

You have a lot of talent and pain to match! I feel your pain and have been there myself - often. Keep writing!
i was looking around queen of pains poems cos i like her, we are friends, and i read ur comment about ur poems...and i clicked on this one...and i loved it... i'd like for you to see if mine are any good compared to yours if possible? ? i am trying to perfect the art of writting... =] well take care...keep writitng babe, ur good! Kaila xx
Sara, another great write of yours, again.
i so feel this poem hits home very much. so many out there all that the same way....one day....we'll find our own way! or so i keep saying
Nice poem. but don't lost hope if ever you were lost that you can find solace. thanks melvin

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