she didnt expect it,
she wasn't aware
he hit her so fast,
he seemed like he didnt even care

she cried for her broken heart,
she thought this would last
she told everyone she love him,
but it ended so fast

she wept as they crowded her
with the questions why?
except it had gone on so long,
why doesnt he cry?

everyone talk as she stand there in pain
thinking could she not know
that means all the 'i love you's' were fake.
how can she let her true feelings show?

now she is lost,
her emotions confused
she didnt think her life would be the cost
from this unexpected fued

now she feels unwanted,
not loced and alone
she still cries at night,
her emotions seem numb

their eyes meet as they pass in the hall
she doesn't notice his smile
doesn't acknowlegdge his wave
and he realized now he made a mistake

by Joniel Riewoldt

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