CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)


These days, that I have wondered upon,
Have came and went, now they're gone.
When everything you have, has been lost,
All you have left, is a painly cost.

As wind carries my soul, as sometimes it blows soft,
The windsheild of my life, on it has frost.
It has came and went, without a sound,
Nevermore, will it be found.

My soul took a plunder, a bad one at that,
It has went through, so much crap.
Through love and hate, not to fate,
There's now a new deal, that I have to debate.

Shadows fall onto my bosy, leave me breathless,
Locked in time while barriers placed in my path,
Only more to test.
While I lay there, on the floor,
I realized, there's nothing more.

Lost in paths, there's no way out,
My life is ending, without a doubt.
As I find an opening, I run to it,
Was shot down and fell to the ground, I have nowehere left to get.

My dreams are shattered, and lost in time,
No more hate, no more crime.
As I lay there, dead and cold,
I have no time, to let anything unfold.

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