JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)


Through all this time the heart may dread the time we leave
But even still it wonders away when you’re in these arms
hopeing to never bring you any harm
Lost in the joy of being with you

Through all this time we both dread the time we leave
But even still wanting to kiss those rosy lips will never leave
but still we are happier that we finally got to meet
But to get lost in your kiss is still all I need

Through all this time we will dread the years that come too fast
But even still never wanting to look away from those eyes just staring
To get lost everyday in the eyes of watery blue to such delight

Through all this time we still miss each other but only some
But even knowing that we can still touch someday to come
Just to get lost in each others arms through out the night

Please never leave you’re the only one
That ever made my mind go numb
And still to this day I love you

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