I was bound to love you from the start
I can’t do anything to make it stop
It was your love that my heart only knows
It was your face that my mind only remembers
And it was your name that I can only utter

We start as if our sweetness can never be torn apart
Our love is too powerful to have something to hold on back
We filled the day with memories that will live through the end
That it’s was too impossible for us to live on separate ways

But look where we are now
We are both strangers in somebody’s eyes
Our love is not enough to conquer the hatred in our hearts
And continue the love where we have left behind

But the essence of the love itself was lost
Turns into ashes when we’re apart
It was not easy to imagine that with just one slip
Our love has comes to an end

Now I’m still hunger for your touch
Still longing for your love
But what can I do to teach my stubborn heart
With a pride that keep us apart
For a long time we’re lost in the dark

I want to set things right
Start all over again from scratch
Bring the broken pieces whole once more
And fill my days with magical moments with you

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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You are not lost, it seems he has lost his direction.