Lost in thought
Lost in pain
Lost in fear
That you can never retain

Lost trouble
Lost in grief
Lost in heartbreak
That you can never relief

Lost in sorrow
Lost in death
Lost in misery
That you can never refresh

Lost in life
Lost in words
Lost in everything
That you can never return

Lost in chaos
Lost in peace
Lost in burdens
That you can ever release

Because these are the things
We think and feel
Through the good and the bad
It’s a forever a done deal!

by Shelby Lanier

Comments (5)

I like this poem because that everyone has felt lost at some stage in their life.
Very good! :) I like it! I can totally relate to this.
i realy like this poem, it is amazing. i feel like this daily.......
I agree with kelsie, great poem. Makes me think about alot of the way I have been feeling lately
its a great poem i love it. kelsie